Top Secret SupraThe latest V12 Toyota Supra from Top Secret would have to be one of the most extreme rebuilds from any of the Japanese tuning houses. The standard 2JZ engine has been proven to generate and exceed 1000hp by Top Secret and countless tuners all over the world. This is perhaps what inspired Smoky Nagata to push the limits further and make something truly unique.

The Top Secret V12 Supra launched to the world at the 2007 Tokyo Auto Salon earlier this month features a 5 litre 1GZ-FE Toyota engine from the Toyota Century luxury vehicle. Matched to this Top Secret have employed the latest generation HKS GT-RS turbo for each bank of 6 cylinders. The engine is reported to generate over 500lb-ft of torque with a power output of 800hp. Less than many high power 2JZ engines with T88's and the like, but as expected, the driving experience is completely transformed.

Top Secret SupraThe transformed Supra also features many parts for which we can only dream, a Top Secret Plenum, 8 piston Greddy brake calipers, custom 19" Top Secret Volk Racing GT-F wheels, custom mounted ARC intercooler at the front and ARC radiator in the back. But perhaps the most striking and obvious change is the completely new Top Secret "Final Evolution" body kit, which features completely transformed front end, lights and body profile. One of the few parts to remain are the rear lights, which have also been changed to a Top Secret LED custom item.

More information on the Top Secret V12 Supra is available from Top Secret Japan, where a number of Toyota Supra parts are also featured and available for purchase. See below for a video of the car, in Japanese.